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Thursday, August 30, 2012

My hints for speedy kitchen cleaning

If you are anything like me, then the kitchen is the heart of the home and I'm always in it. Whether it be for cooking or cleaning, chatting over a cuppa, I always gravitate towards the kitchen...must be because I'm Greek...

Due to the amount of said cooking and lingering, it gets messy and dirty easily, and is the most cleaned room in the house. I hardly ever go to bed with a messy kitchen, it just needs to be sparkling for me to sleep properly :)

image from

Here is my top five handy hints for making you're time matter whilst you're in there!

1. The best time to clean your kitchen, especially the fridge is the day before you do your grocery run! Less to contend with in the fridge! Trivial but makes a huge difference in time when you're time poor!

2.  For dishwasher owners: Instead of letting your dirty dishes accumulate on the bench top, always have an empty dishwasher and put them in immediately! That way your benches don't need wiping down as often because they don't get soiled from dirty dishes.

3. When cooking, wash up the big pots as you go, if you can multitask, this makes washing up SO much easier at the end of the meal and even better it might be a simple as stacking you're dishwasher and being done requiring no full belly clean up!

4. Quickly wipe out your microwave each time you use it! New spills are always easier to clean than yucky stuck forever ones.

5. At least once a week, remove old or out of date items from your fridge and review your pantry contents, write down items that you need when you run out of them (you can keep a list on your fridge) this will save time when shopping day comes around, you'll already know what you need.

Hope you've enjoyed these top five kitchen tips

Happy Organising :)


THE THIRD DRAW (the bermuda triangle of household items)

Monday, July 23, 2012

Prepare to Purge.

Hi Organisers,

People get a bit antsy about getting rid of their belongings...myself included. Over the past 6-8 months I had my own realisation that I have kept a lot of stuff that I "might" miss if I got rid of it.  Especially old birthday cards, old trinkets etc.  The ridiculous thing was, the cards were from people I no longer saw, and the trinkets were from places I couldn't remember, or didn't want to remember.

Slowly slowly, I decided to go from room to room and seriously purge my belongings, having looked at the amount of stuff I had brought into our house compared to my fiancé, I thought to myself, I have to get organised, and this might come as a shock but unless you have a professional or an outsider do it for you, in your own home it can take longer than you'd hope!

Get yourself three bins...

Cherish, Chuck, Donate

make yourself a cup of tea and pick a room, grab all those boxes, piles, bags of things that are lying around and one thing at a time, ask yourself whether you want to display, wear, or store it...

If it's broken get rid of it.

If it's too good to chuck but you definitely don't want it, then donate it to your local op shop.

you can do it, just bite the bullet.

Happy Purging :)

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Speed Cleaning...

15 minutes per day, per room...

This is going to irritate some people but the main reason people cannot speed clean is because there houses aren't clean to begin with! So basically...get your gluteus off the couch and stop looking at your piles of miscellaneous marvels on the floor and do something about it! Nothing is going to get done by you just watching it...seriously.

Do I have your attention??

Oi! Lazy! YES I mean YOU!


Okay, once you've got your house to the point you want to maintain it, you're ready for speed cleaning.
The first thing to do is draw up a routine/chore chart, and of course work around you're own routine/work hours/school hours/gym etc.  Each room can be maintained with just FIFTEEN MINUTES.

This is enough time to:


Begin with a bucket or box (call it whatever you like, but I call it my clutter bucket) and collect everything that is lying around, either meant to be in it's "home" or in a different room.  But all the foreign items in a box, this shouldn't take more than a couple of minutes and if it is LOOK ALIVE and get moving.

Dusting is pretty self explanatory but hopefully you have the right tools to do the job! A tip for some surfaces, maybe your vacuum cleaner actually has a soft bristle head that will not scratch surfaces and that way you get RID of the dust completely rather than pushing it around.  Don't be fooled by expensive cleaners (says the one fooled by expensive cleaners) an old t shirt, or old pair of stockings does wonders for dusting! Five minutes to dust a standard size room should be HEAPS! Don't forget to dust your skirting boards.

Vacuum, unless you have a mad huge house shouldn't take more than a couple of minutes!

Replace! Simply meaning, everything in your clutter bucket should be put back to where it belongs and VOILA.  Fifteen minutes spent in one room and it should be spotless... there are seven days a week, that's seven rooms a week! Then start again!!

Any Questions?

Sunday, July 8, 2012

A place for everything....and everything in it's place.'s some of my tips! (take them or leave them)

So you're probably sick of me saying this but if you are reading this blog and doing NOTHING in you're home, things are going to carry along exactly the way they are.  Every house needs a system, and give me six months (providing you're in Tasmania) and I will be happy to develop a personalised one for you and you're home. Otherwise, it's all up to you!  The art of speed cleaning doesn't work unless you're already tidy.  That way you can use the 15 minute rule. 15 mins per room, per day... and you'll never have to have a mass cleanup (unless of course like me, you enjoy that sort of thing).  The trick is to do a little bit every day and you're abode will thank you for it.  You won't get the piles of miscellaneous crap appearing in corners and you're washing will be up to date. For people that have allergies, dusting is really important.  Don't let you're house become too cluttered with things you don't need...

My top tips:

1. When you collect your mail, open in daily, throw out the junk and file the important things, that way documents and bills don't pile up and you won't be whacked with late fees.

2. Lay out you're outfit/uniform the night before. Trust me, it makes the mornings so much more pleasant and if you're a late riser like me, the five minutes you save can be used for the all important morning cup of tea.

3. Put dishes straight in the dishwasher or wash them up as you go, that way you never really have a pile of dishes on you're bench, I LOATHE dishes (my fiancé conveniently loves them) so by putting them straight in the dishwasher the kitchen is always tidy.

4. EQUALITY - divvy up the chores!!!! If there's something you LOVE to do then make sure you claim it! Try and palm off the ones you hate but keep it equal with your spouse/kids/mum/housemates. MANY HANDS MAKE LIGHT WORK!!!!


If you are in the Southern Tasmania region and need some tips or would like a consultation about Home Organisation and Decluttering, please call 0419346084. The first consultation is for me to gain an understanding of what is needed within you're home and then I will develop a system and plan of attack. As there will be no implementation of my ideas during this consultation it will be free of charge and then hourly rates will apply for the execution of scrumptious storage solutions.

Happy Cleaning!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Laundry Love

Hey there my minimalists, I'm hoping I'm providing a few insights into how to get into some little routines around the home, shortly I'll have some speed cleaning tips along with de-cluttering rules but for now I'm still going room to room for the requests I've had. If you have a specific home problem then be sure to comment and i'll do my best to accommodate some information!  Please comment!!!

and now for Laundry Love

I don't claim to be a "pro" in this field because having only had my own house for 2 years I haven't actually accumulated much in the way of linen BUT that's not to say that I didn't pre empt having loads of dirty rugby tops and ballet skirts one day, so I needed a big laundry.  Here's some piccies...

My plan was if I was spending a fair amount of time in the laundry then I wanted it to be reasonably cosy.  At the moment I only have one standard sized floor to ceiling linen closet but I have another wall which can fit probably three to four more but these will be custom day.  My image of a fully functioning laundry is each family member having their own washing dividers for both dirty and clean washing.  A folding station is on my wish list also. Something like this would tickle my fancy...

The most important thing for organisation in you're laundry is to keep up with it.  Make it a habit to sort you're clothes prior to washing, that way you'll avoid the massive sea of clothes on the floor when you're looking for one particular pair of jeans on Saturday night. At the moment i'm using baskets similar to those pictured about but they are stand alone ones.  I'm planning on finding some funky baskets that will fit into some custom cubby holes for my personalised baskets and then make some quirky labels for my baskets so the dirty and clean clothes are sorted into:

1. Whites
2. Colours
3. Darks
4. Delicates and then one for each family member for clean and folded washing.

Since I think washing and folding is therapeutic but I simply HATE putting the washing away in it's place, my wonderful fiancé Rowan takes this job seriously, but having names on baskets of clean washing (especially for littlies) make them responsible for their own clothes from a young age and gives them a chance to earn some pocket money.  Hopefully I can raise some pocket minimalists :)

Monday, June 25, 2012

Child's Play

Dear Minimalist's,

Not having kids of my own is a tad hard to criticize all of you how to keep them organised but the same rules apply to all walks of life.  I know there's a lot of sentiment to children's toys (first teddy bear, favourite train etc) but come on, you can't seriously keep all of it...

I like to go by the rule of FIVE. Pick five treasured items and make them into a shrine in your bundle of joys room.  Of course, if they are still using there fave barbie then don't take it off them to make it a feature but you get my drift.

To get your child toys organised, invest in some coloured bins that you can use to stack either by themselves, in a book shelf, or inside their cupboard.  Then sort through the toys according to age appropriateness, you'll find you have a lot of things from when they were younger that is just "so not cool anymore mum..." Once you're done sorting, add labels to your bins so that your little ones will learn where everything is kept and how to pack up nicely :) It always nice to make everything a learning experience.

If your planning on having more tiddlywinks then store them away for a later date, only keep what your child will actually use or want to pass down to their kids, but always remember to keep it minimal, otherwise you're raising potential hoarders... :)

Here's a few images to get your ideas off the ground...

These ones are great because they have wheels or you can opt for the stackable type which I prefer because you use less floor space and more vertical space.

Remember: Ask your children what they want to keep, chances are you want to keep more than they do, and if you're getting rid of things, ask you're friends who have kids if they'd like them before throwing out/giving to charity.  That way someone else you know can get some more love out of them :)

Happy Organising :)

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Great Divide

My mum is perhaps the worst person I know for putting things back in their place in the kitchen as you could probably imagine, when a great family friend was hired as the joiner for our kitchen, I was very specific about how much space I wanted for each section.  There is only so much you need in a kitchen. I have never felt the need to have a "good" dining setting and an "every day" dining setting...we aren't put on this earth for very long so I'm going to live darn it .  

The very first thing I unpacked the day we got our key to our brand new house was the items in this draw pictured above.  My kitchen has white 2 pack cupboards and a "indian" black granite bench top which I absolutely adore.  If I had my time over I would reverse the cupboards because black cupboards just look awesome.  I was so proud I had my own kitchen. Being Greek it really feels like the heart of the home...Needless to say I take a lot of pride in it and its appearance 

I have red highlights all over the kitchen (more pictures to come) but every time I bought a utensil, it had to be red.  However,  I need draw dividers in this particular drawer, as it's the only one that doesn't have one.  Now i'm a BIG cooker BUT I understand the need to have a utensil for everything. If your drawers are jammed packed and you can't find anything in them, chances are the avocado saver you bought will be too hard to find so you'll end up covering it with glad wrap like people that don't have avocado savers do...

ask yourself "do I really need this" AND "where is it going to fit in my kitchen"...The trick to keeping things tidy and uncluttered is to never have too much to begin with.  MINIMALISM. Try it.

TIP: Once you have a "complete" kitchen inventory, ask yourself how you use everything and what you use the's so important to have a functional kitchen. It can look awesome but if thing's don't flow then it may as well look like a bombs hit it.  Utensil drawer dividers can be bought in sections that can be connected to make a custom drawer ( you don't have to opt for the single unit these days ) mix and match the dividers to suit how you need your kitchen to function.